Saturday, December 16, 2017


I work in a school district. Christmas, holidays and time off are particularly difficult for many of our students. Minor thoughts and gestures of kindness go a long, long way.


I do not like jokes. I like stories. I like the humanness of the mundane, everyday lives of people. Ultimately, we are all doing the best we can to survive.

This week I went to see The Moth Story Slam. Thirty minutes before the show they only had two storytellers but needed 10. Here's a photo from the end of the evening.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Changing things up this Year

For the past several years I have been in Traverse City for Thanksgiving. This year I was home with my best girl, my grandma. Since I was going to be home I volunteered to assist at the local 5k. I woke up early, to get there to set up. I was having a bad hair day. I looked like Scar from the Lion King. I threw on a hat with braids already built in and headed out the door.

The afternoon was spent ironing scarves with my girl, while she sat in her wheelchair and had a little scotch.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Joining my Worlds

I had the joy of joining friends together. On a recent visit to NM I brought a friend from the neighborhood to meet friends from college. Usually when I visit my Sante Fe/Taos posse, I do normal things that I do at home, I just do them elsewhere. Laundry... drink coffee... read... sit by the fire pit... grout tile floors... replace broken guitar strings... walk labyrinths...

This time I not only got to participate in the usual, but I got to be a tourist all over again. I would recommend being a visitor wherever you go. Below are some of my personal highlights and even a couple of firsts.

Driving to my other happy place.
Artful stairs.

International Folk Art Museum.

Cemetary at the Pueblo.

Taos Pueblo Church

The Gorge.

A labyrinth and a microbrewery.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Real Reason

The real reason for our trip to Spain was to celebrate the wedding of these two beautiful women. Thank you so much for the invite, ladies. It was wonderful to meet your families and share in your joy.

Marriage Day 1

Spain Reboot

When I returned from Spain last year I spent weeks eating Spanish style breakfast. In August I had the joy of flying back and bringing my 14 year old. She too is a fan of Spanish style breakfast. Fresh squeezed OJ, toasted bread with olive oil and tomatoes, peaches shaped like hockey pucks and cafe con leche.

We visited the Market daily, had churros y chocolate, tried foods we were unfamiliar with and dined al fresco often. There were musicians, artists, and shopping everywhere in Santiago de Compostela, which met both of our needs.

Spain has many energy efficient ways. Escalators are stopped or slowed until you approach them, lights in hallways are motion sensored, and during the hottest part of the day, shops are closed and people relax.

My daughter and I read, explored, talked, ate, and found our way together. We even bonded in the evenings over RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Churros y Chocolate

We arrived and so did our luggage. Between Adele's Spanish, others' English and my charades, we did pretty well. Churros, a nap, ham, wine, veggies and grilled cheese, (which was exactly that, goat cheese, grilled) we ate ourselves silly. 

So far we've realized that we have no hairbrush, which on day 1 isn't a big deal. I'm sure if we let it go, it could be. 

A band played music that people sang along to. I even recognized Bob Marley and The Police. The band appeared to be giving away Ked-type tennis shoes which someone would draw their logo on along with musical notes. People were loving them. We were having fun but are ready for bed.