Sunday, July 3, 2016

First Impressions

The people in Spain are lovely. Many walk hand in hand or arm in arm. The women look terrific in their clunky, fashionable high heeled sandals, perfectly coiffed hair and make-up, and everything is at a much slower pace - which is right up my alley.

Technology is everywhere, as is George Lucas.

The drive from Madrid to León and then Astorga was delightful. The terrain looked a lot like Northern NM with mountains on the horizon and high plains desert in between.Astorga is beautiful.

I met up with Jennie and Jinny last night. There was a band outside my room which played until 2 am. I´m having a great time, even if the QWERTY keyboard is a bit different with many other symbols.

Time to siesta. Tonight I meet the rest of the group. Tomorrow I start to walk.

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  1. Pictures are not showing. Guess we'll have to wait...