Wednesday, July 27, 2016

km 0

After we arrived in Santiago de Compostela, I got my certificate of completion (with my name written in Latin), took a shower, got a foot rub, went to mass at the Cathedral de Santiago and went to dinner. In the square in front of the Cathedral is 0 km and the official end of the Camino de Santiago.

Some pilgrims choose to walk to the "end of the earth" at Finisterre, Spain along the western coast of the country. I chose not to finish there, as it is another 86 km and would require another 4-5 days. Jinny and I had a miscommunication out of the gate on the first day in relation to Finisterre/finish there. It pretty much kick-started our friendship.

Instead the trip ended with a fabulous dinner together with my fellow pilgrims and new friends, send-off churros y chocolate with Jinny and a trip to A Coruna, along the northern coast.

I stayed at an Airbnb. I was thrilled to do laundry, sit, read and play with the dogs. The dogs kept stealing the drying laundry.

I did venture to the sea for the afternoon one day, but sat in the shade and read a book. I was done with the sun.

I returned to Santiago two days later, met up with Heidi from Oak Park!

Tapas with some of my favorites was on tap for dinner and then a promise to return someday. I flew to Madrid and then home the next day.

I returned with very little money (less than 1 Euro), and a soul that is in a good place. In a few days, after the dead skin sloughs off, I'll also have the feet of a newborn.

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